How To Use

Instructions for Use

Getting started in Visual Studio

Either install via NuGet package manager in Visual Studio (search for Zoople Spelling on NuGet) or right click on the VS toolbox and click "Choose Items", click browse and navigate to the folder where the control was installed, select "WinformsSpelling.dll" and click OK.

Install-Package Zoople.WinformsSpelling -Version

You can now add the spelling control to a Windows Form.In Form_load or any event that occurs after handles have been created for your textboxes call the InitSpelling_AllTextBoxes method

winformsSpell1.SetLicense("", ""); // assign the license
winformsSpell1.InitSpelling_AllTextboxes(); // initialise the textboxes
winformsSpell1.SpellCheckDialogCurrentTextboxShortcutKey = Shortcut.F7; // assign a shortcut key for the spelling dialog

How does this work?

The Zoople Spelling for WinForms Textboxes DLL uses the internal spelling libraries that exist natively on Windows8, Windows 8.1, 10 and Windows 11. It will spell check in any language that is has a language pack installed on a users computer. Language packs a free and available for most languages from Microsoft.

Please note: The DLL may be used in Windows 7 and XP applications however spell checking will not be performed

If you have any questions please contact us here.