HTML5 Editor for ActiveX

Zoople HTML5 Editor for ActiveX is a HTML editor for any 32bit COM based development environment. It is designed for use in VB6, VFP, and Office / VBA applications.

HTML 5 and CSS 3 Compatible Editor for ActiveX

A HTML 5 / CSS 3 editor ActiveX control for developers who need to manage HTML based rich-text in their applications. Most CSS3 stylings can by applied via a valid CSS rules string in the same way you would apply CSS to a web page. It is designed for use in VB6, VFP, Office / VBA applications and other development environments that support 32 bit ActiveX controls.

Now Available - You may request a source code version containing the full VB6 source code for the control. The cost of the source code license is $US349.95. If you are interested then please direct any questions to or you may read more and "Add to Cart" on this page.

The WYSIWYG editor's feature rich user interface includes;

  • Text formating and alignment
  • HTML Table handling including row and column management
  • Images management
  • CSS3 visual builder
  • optional source markup editing

Developers can also;

  • Directly access the HTML DOM
  • Retreive the currently selected HTML element as an IHTMLElement
  • Iterate through the DOM tree to find and test for specific parent elements
  • Intercept clipboard clipboard functionality
  • Execute their own formatting commands on the edited document
  • Implement custom dialogs for images, hyperlinks, and other URLs
  • Implement "spell-as-you-type" functionality with auto-correction, error highlighting and an error checking dialog (see below)

It serves as an upgrade to the existing nBit HTML Editor control. Existing license holders receive a 35% discount on the full purchase price (please note :- this does not apply to source code licenses). Please email us with your existing license information to obtain a discounted order.

Also available as an add-on product is the the Inline Spelling Checker Activex DLL. The spell checker alllows for spell checking as you type, auto-correct as you type, as well as spell checking the entire text content of the control with or without a pop-up spelling corrections dialog.