HTML Editor .NET for Winforms

Enable your users to edit HTML content using a familar interface

HTML Editor Control .NET

Zoople HTML Editor .NET for Winforms for Visual Basic (VB) and C# is a fully customisable HTML editor for your .NET framework and.NET5/6/7/8 WinForms or WPF projects.

Allow even the most non-technical of users to create rich text in pure HTML format from your Winforms and WPF applications.

Simple to use, Easy to implement, highly Extensible, and with a very familiar word-processing styled GUI making for a straight-forward learning experience for your end users.

The HTML Editor .NET for Winforms allows end-users to create HTML snippets for pages, email templates, and any other application that requires the editing of HTML content.

Perfect for and Winforms and WPF applications such as:

  • editing web page segments
  • composing HTML emails
  • constructing HTML templates for mail merges
  • performing "mail merge" operations for emails
  • content management systems
  • CRM's
  • Any application that requires the editing of HTML content


  • Data bindable to any datasource
  • Language customisable
  • Customizable user interface
  • Source code view with coloured formatting and indentation
  • Apply Cascading Style Sheets
  • Insert Symbols and other HTML character entities (e.g. Ø, ‰, §)
  • CSS applicator for individual elements
  • Optional property grid to define element specific properties
  • Optional multi-lingual "inline" spell checking, error highlighting as you type, and correction (additional license required
  • Supports HTML5 and CSS3
  • Multi-level undo / redo
  • Visual and mouse driven table grid size selector for inserting tables
  • manage user interaction with HTML documents using the userinteraction and cancallableuserinteraction events 

Install via nuget

Install-Package Zoople.HTMLEditor -Version

Install via .NET CLI

dotnet add package Zoople.HTMLEditor --version