HTML5 Viewer ActiveX

A HTML5 and CSS3 HTML viewer for MS-Access and other COM based environments

A HTML5 / CSS3 viewer ActiveX control perfect for the developer who wants to display media rich content in HTML format in their applications. Most CSS3 stylings can by applied via a URL or a valid CSS rules string in the same way you would apply CSS to a web page.

Integrates with ease into any development environment that supports 32bit ActiveX controls (compatible with both 32 bit and 64bit versions of Windows - please note: host application must be 32 bit).

Please note - The full VB6 source code for this control is available for purchase from this page.


  • Supports HTML5 and CSS3
  • Designed for MS-Access 2010/2013/2016/O365
  • Designed for VB6, VFP and other 32bit COM development environments
  • Optionally disable mouse selection of the displayed document
  • Optionally disable link and form clicks
  • Custom right-click custom menus and event handling
  • Can be populated from a HTML string value
  • CSS rules defined by a URL to a style sheet file or via a CSS string
  • Royalty free distribution with your mde and accde applications
  • Allows for a custom user-agent to be sent when opening URL's from a web server