Licensing the control

Information regarding both runtime and IDE licensing of the control

Licensing the HTML Editor .NET

This applies to versions 1.8 and greater.

At the time of completing your order you will be supplied with a license key. This license key must be applied to each instance of the control you use by calling the setLicenseKey function.

You will also be required to use a license file during development and on deployment of the control.

Generating a License File

In the nag screen that appears in trial mode please enter your email address (the one that was used to place the order - this of course may not be your PayPal or Stripe email address) and the license key you received after completing the order.

You will then be emailed a license file containing encrypted information.

Using the Activated License

This file must be placed in the same folder as the DLL and be included in any deployments you have. It is best to include the license file as

  • "Build Action" - "Additional Files"
  • "Copy to Output directory" - "Copy Always"

Alternatively, you may apply the string contents of the license file to the LicenseActivationKey property along with your license key applied to the LicenseKey property