HTML Editor .NET Change Log

Version by version list of updates and bug fixes made to the HTML Editor for WinForms control

Version 1.0.11

1. TABLE - actions in WYSIWYG context menu
2. CSS applicator in WYSIWYG view

Version 1.0.12

1. Bug Fix - to READONLY - ID attribute in property grid
2. Optional property grid for all DOM elements in WYSIWYG mode

Version 1.0.15

1. apply multiple CSS Classes to element
2. change CSS in DOM toolbar updates property grid if it's visible


1. HTML5 tags in code formatting - ARTICLE, FIGURE, ASIDE, audio, details, footer, fieldset, legend, meter, progress, section
2. Bug Fix - Clicking in blank workspace in WYSIWYG mode shows HTML tag in DOM toolbar
3. Bug Fix - copy_document()
4. Bug Fix - InsertAtCursor()
5. Bug Fix - Expand Selection on dbl-click error
6. Clicking in blank workspace in WYSIWYG mode insert new paragraph


1. Bug Fix - nothing pasted when pasting unicode content from MSWord


1. Bug Fix - Insert table columns and table rows inserts


1. New - Table dropdown visual cols and rows selector
2. Bug Fix - ToolButtonClicked event raised twice for intrinsic buttons 
3. New - Toolbar items exposed at runtime to aloow for more toolbar customisation
4. New - Improve table visibility in WYSIWYG view
5. Bug Fix - Initial databound record shows no data occasionaly


1. New - dragging content with the mouse in (and into) the control now marks the content as dirty in databound scenarios