UI Features

The HTML Editor .NET contains several unique UI features to empower your end-users

Inline Spelling Correction

The inline spelling checking highlights spelling errors as the user types into a HTML document. Allowing them to correct the errors via a right-click context menu. A spelling check may also be run over the entire HTML contents of the editor, highlighting all the spelling errors with an optional spelling corrections dialog box. (additional license required - minimum version

Spell checking is available in all Latin-based languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch). Most other European languages are supported. Spell checking is provided by the internal Windows 8 and Windows 10 spell checking functionality, and as such, requires the various languages packs to be installed on the end user's computer.

CSS Selector

The CSS selector allows your users to customise each HTML element using CSS styles that your application specifies using the CSSText property. Classes can be assigned per element type and as global CSS selectors.

Property Grid

Each element's properties may be edited using the property grid, optionally visible on the right hand side of the user interface. Common values are selectable from drop-down lists, greatly simplifying the end-users interaction.