Frequently Asked Questions

There are borders around tables in the editor. Why are they there and how do I remove them?

The control is designed to be purely an HTML editor. We implement visible table borders to better enable layout design. If you wish to disable the table and cell borders then you must add some custom CSS using the CSSText property as follows;

this.htmlEditControl1.CSSText = "table {border: none !important;} td {border: none !important}";

The internal CSS that causes the borders to display in edit mode of course will not be included in the final HTML output.

What are the licensing requirements for the HTML Editor .NET and other Zoople / nBit components?

The components are licensed per developer workstation. Each developer that uses our controls in an IDE is required to have a license. With a developer license the components may be distributed to your end-users in a compiled application royalty free, with no additional payment required to Zoople. We do offer multi-license discounts on 4+ developer licenses on request.

For example, if you have four developers using the .NET Windows Desktop editor in Visual Studio you must purchase four licenses. Once deployed to your customers you may distribute as many copies of the control with your compiled application as you wish, with no additional payment payable to us.

The developer license is perpetual and comes with one year of upgrade and support. After one year from the purchase date if you require additional support or wish to use a newer version then you will have to purchase a "support renewal fee" which equates to half the original purchase price of the licenses you have previously purchased.