Change Log - MSAccess Native Editor

Change log for the Native HTML5 Editor for MS-Access

Version 2021.3 (29 July 2021)

Fixed - ChangeAllList not correctly implementing in spelling functionality

Fixed - An intermittent issue detecting background colors on the the main editor form

Version 2021.2 (22 July 2021)

New - Font sizes in pt format (or in any other measurement format px / em / pc / %)

New - Master-Detail reporting framework, including print to pdf

Version 2021.1 (26 June 2021)

Fixed - issues where some toolbar button actions would not add to the undo/redo stack

New - DoNotUseTabAsIndentOutdent property allows for using the tab key to indent and out-dent block elements

New - Moved font type and font size selectors on to main editor toolbar from popup screen

Version 2020.7 (31 August 2020)

Fixed - Text foreground and highlight colors maintained during spelling error highlighting

Fixed - Text color dialog not opening when selection spans a selection containing multiple colors

Fixed - Font dialog not opening when selection spans a selection containing multiple fonts

Version 2020.6 (4 July 2020)

Fixed - HTML Color encoded corrected on color selection pop-up form

Fixed - Improvements to spelling engine initiation

Fixed - Font type double ups in font selection pop-up form are multiple opens

Version 2020.5 (23 June 2020)

NEW - Spell checking functionality with WYSIWYG word highlighting

NEW - "Spell as you type" and auto-correct functionality

Version 2020.4 (24 Apr 2020)

NEW - Contains Base64 inline images example

NEW - Reposition Cursor after toolbar button click gives focus back to the edit window (aka Word-Processor styled interface)

Version 2020.3 (14 Apr 2020)

NEW - Contains data-bound sub-form support and examples

Version 2020.2 (20 Feb 2020)

NEW - Context menus for Table functions - Insert Row Before and After - Insert Column Before and After - Delete Row/Column

Fixed - HTML encoding for Color picker colors


Initial Release